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Sustain the change

Steps to Sustain the change

"Sustain the change" goes hand in hand with monitor & control, and closing phases of  project management


1. Monitor & Control  ( active support and implementation period )

2. Make change last ( with and post-handover )

1. Monitor & Control
  • This step comes into when you are implementing and post "go-live" when you are providing active support.

  • Reminder - depending on the type of change - it is advisable to have experts or a support team - who support the folks going thru the change

  • In this step we :

  • take informal feedback

  • use data metrics e.g. if you put a site - you would want to see how many page views, average time spent, topics assessed etc

  • take formal feedback on processes and systems - could be a group of users in a room, a pop-up survey...

  • continue to report back to stakeholders with reports and seek feedback, confirm they are still committed to seeing the change through 

  • take corrective actions

  • measure - predict if we are going  to meet our success measures

2. Make change last - post handover

You are now in the phase of the project where you close out and handover. The change that you brought in from the project, needs to stay and continue to deliver results, hence this is one of the most important steps. 

  • Confirm with your stakeholders that the success measures have been achieved

  • Confirm people are displaying desired behaviors and leaders are leading by example

  • Ensure that the success metrics - e.g. number of page views - is integrated into the operational day to day dashboards

  • The changes made to the process are part of standard operating procedures

  • The new processes have a training manual ( if required ) for new joiners

  • confirm that the operational team is well versed with the changed scenario

  • have a maintenance/update plan for the changes/ changed procedures

  • Don't forget to celebrate the success

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