Lean Six Sigma Tools, Techniques and Templates

These tools & techniques are your little helpers , they will assist you to solve the problems or find some to solve.

Here are all the tools and techniques on a single page. 

If you want to find tools by a theme ( starting a project, finding a root cause ....... ) choose from the drop down menu

You will see , some tools are being repeated across themes, it is due to their ability to be used in various situations. 

Problem Definition

Helps you define and agree on the problem

See Problem Statement

Team Charter

Get going with complete information on Team Charter


To understand and communicate high level view of a process

use COPIS 

CTQ Tree

A version of tree diagram to help you find right metrics to work on is CTQ Tree


A risk management tool to identify areas to work on and to manage project risk



Get your team involved, do



Eliminate, combine,rearrange , simplify with help of 


C-I Matrix

How to find the right causes or solutions to implement , see

Control -- Impact Matrix

Cause & Effect

Identify the causes in a visual team activity  , know 

Cause & Effect diagram

5 Whys

Ask why, to get your causes via

5 whys

Affinity Diagram

Distill your brainstorming, get consensus ,use Affinity Diagram

Gemba Walk

Go see, observe your process to identify issues , improve Gemba Walk


check your staff's cross training level and requirement

Job Flexibility Chart

Flow Chart

Draw up your process and find improvments , use

Flow Charting

Poke Yoke

Use this lean technique to do 

Mistake Proofing

Tree Diagram

Work with your team, breakdown tasks, produce counter measures

Tree Diagram


Post your data gathering , find the factors that matter most , use 80:20 principle



Use this voting technique to distill . See Nominal Group technique and more in