Job Flexibility Chart - Skill matrix

What is Job Flexibility Chart

A Lean tool, to understand peak staff requirements and ensure availability of trained staff, manage it in a visual manner

When to use skill matrix/JFC

  • This tool is perhaps more helpful for small back office teams, with several subprocesses. Large teams can use software to do skill mapping and management 

  • If you have a team and want to increase their skill level, this is a great tool

  • Increase cross training

  • Reduce dependency on selected staff ( spread the training to more people)

  • Measure the cross skill level 

  • Know your peak staffing level and staff availability 

  • Instead of numbers - you could use circle, with filled quarters to denote proficiency level

  • This could displayed on the team wall - but that comes with its own risks

How to make a Skill Matrix/JFC

  • To start you need 

    • a list of team members

    • a list of processes/sub-processes your team works on

    • The average staff requirement and peak staff requirement

    • The period in which requirement peaks for each process

  • Use the template and arrange this information

  • Now - update against each team member name in the corresponding sub /process column, their training/ proficiency level on the process

    • 1 - can be trained / Not trained

    • 2 - can process with the help

    • 3 - can process independently

    • 4 - can train others

  • Interpretation 

    • If there are too many 4s for an individual, you may be dependent on that team member

    • check if you have enough people at level 3 and above to meet peak requirements

    • check if too many peak periods are the same -you may need more staff

    • Members in the team for long, still too many 1s 

  • Next Steps

    • Plan cross training sessions

    • Review JFC periodically 

Example of Skill Matrix - Job Flexibility chart

  • In this example notice, the requirement of more people to be trained for subprocess 1 

  • See dependency on Ramesh

  • See lack of training for John and Mark

  • Vintage here refers to the time in the team in days

  • Total staff requirement include cover for attrition and leaves