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Brainstorming Techniques

Working with teams is best way for process improvement, find creative ideas. Start with the link in the first box and go from there


To work on a project, you need a team, a problem and a sponsor - Brainstorming is great tool to connect them all. Brainstorming can be used to come up with ideas on which projects to do and then prioritization tools can help you pick the one that you finally work on. 

Brainstorming is a tool that can be used at the start to settle team rules, then for find probable causes and solutions. So to me , its a tool that should be mastered by all trying to do a project 

Its a team oriented method, where the team together creatively thinks and shares freely on the topic . 

Learn about how to brainstorm, various types and rules here 

Cause & Effect Diagram

Also known as fish bone, C&E, Ishikawa diagram

Fishbone shaped diagram with Effect (Y, output) being the head and Bones as the major causes (Xs). This is about cause and effect and not symptoms . It a great way to brainstorm on causes of a problem and finding root causes

  • It can have a fair amount of detail in a visual format, which is easy to read and relate to. 

  • Removes personal biases - a team tool

  • Keeps focus on the problem

Read on about how to use Cause and effect diagram for brainstorming and see an example here

5 Whys

5 Whys is known more as a root cause finding method. It is also a tool which can and should be used to brainstorm. Using this  tool with a one person only is restrictive and may not always yield the best results, so get the folks who know about the subject and do the the work into a room with a board and question away . 

More about 5 why, 'how to", examples here 

Affinity Diagram

Ideas/ thoughts can be generated by brainstorming - this serves as the next step - to organize and summarize natural groupings among them to understand the problem and come up with innovative solutions. So it is a complete technique to brainstorm and distill ideas

For "How to" , example click here

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