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Change Management Consulting 

Quoting BCG : "The pace of business is accelerating, and companies must change in response. Yet 50-75% of change programs fail.

The time-tested fundamentals of change management—practices focusing on leadership, employee engagement, governance, and executional rigor—remain as essential and powerful as ever.

But they are now no longer sufficient.

Change management today requires companies to elevate the level of active leadership, move at a faster pace, include employees in decision-making, and ingrain new behaviours.

By addressing these four imperatives as part of their overall change efforts, companies can strengthen their adaptiveness, competencies, and ability to change. They will also go a long way toward making change stick and achieving critical business outcomes."

Change Management Consulting 

Managing change is a necessity – merely making the change doesn’t get us the desired results, if the acceptability, alignment to the change is low. 

The environment is such that the organization needs to continuously change to 

  • Adapt

  • Survive

  • Improve

  • Grow

  • Disrupt

  • To not be disrupted

Our approach for managing change - for programs that we create in partnership with you or for programs designed by you - involves impacted parties from day 1, help leadership support the change actively, ensure faster acceptability of change

Here’s how we can help you reach out to us as early as possible, and we will partner with you to and use a structured methodology to manage various types of changes – Org structures, org design, technology, strategy changes …starting with 

  • Defining change strategy 

  • Doing change impact assessment 

  • Getting stakeholder buy-in

  • Execute change management plan

  • Reinforcing change

change management steps

Our Services

Enterprise, Program and Project-Level Change

We partner with you design a change management solution to ensure higher & faster acceptability of a quality solution 

Organisational Design and Development

Our HR OD experts work with you to understand the need and develop - relevant organization design and then manage the change to meet the evolving business needs 

Cultural Alignment and Development

We help you shift mindsets - to find solutions, adapt to the "new normal", improve..... 

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