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Project Management Consulting

Project management practices impact the success of the project and in turn the overall success of the project portfolio designed to implement strategic initiatives for the company.

A big enabler to strategy implementation via projects is PMO and/or EPMO.

An EPMO is a business function that operates at a strategic level in collaboration with an organization's executives. The goal of this office is to provide company-wide guidance, governance, standardized processes, and project portfolio management best practices, tools and techniques

A recent survey conducted by EasyProblemSolving – reveals that – there is a clear need to bridge gap between why EPMO was set up and the current challenges.

why enterprise epmo - survey
epmo challenges

Closing this gap is where we can help through smartPMO

Strategy to Project Management - We can help you end to end 
Project portfolio flow


Our approach is to understand your organisational culture, needs and strategy to ensure right sized practical solutions are customised and deployed, to  build your project, program, and portfolio management capabilities.

The solutions range from framework and practices creation to automation.


Portfolio review & creation:  Our experienced portfolio and program management consultants can ensure that the portfolio of projects in play are strategically aligned and the effort , cost invested in them is in balance to the organisational needs. We can help you create a robust portfolio and set up its governance, redirect the current portfolio to meet the ever changing needs.  ​

Project/ Program Management: Our expert PMs can join your team and start delivering and course correcting (if required) from day 1.​

PM Maturity Assessments

Our proprietary assessment process yields deep insights for your team. We identify the root causes behind the project portfolio management challenges you face and develop solutions that improve your ability to ensure your project practices are improved to the required standards

read more about maturity assessments here



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