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Organisation Innovation iNDEX 

Innovation - Key to thriving

Each organisation needs to innovate to survive & thrive. An organisation cannot expect to maintain a competitive edge if innovation is not part of the overall business strategy.


Innovation, as a concept, refers to the process that an organisation undertakes to conceptualise brand new products, processes, and ideas, or to approach existing products, processes, and ideas in new ways.


What gets measured, gets done - using this premise, EPS has come up with Organisation Innovation Index. The purpose of this survey is to understand innovation in Strategy, Leadership & Culture, People and Product/Services and how it helps your organisation achieve its purpose and financial results. 

iNDEX framework

Organization Innovation Index

Innovation - a survival imperative

Criticality of innovation ....


believe that the COVID-19 Crisis will fundamentally change the way they do business over the next 5 years


are concerned that the COVID-19 crisis will have a lasting impact on their customers' needs and wants over next 5 years

Challenges of innovation 


have the expertise, resources, and commitment to pursue new growth successfully


believe that this will be the most challenging moment in their executive career

Source: McKinsey Global Innovation Survey 2021

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