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Innovation is turning an idea into a solution that adds value from customers perspective. 

Innovation is implementing something new.

Use the tools & methods below help with innovation

i3 - inventive ideation to innovate

i3 is :

  • A fluid way to solve business problems

  • An innovation tool

  • A way to get a creative leap 

  • A problem-solving best practice

  • Perfectly suited for online and offline application

Get an over view here


Want better ideas from your brainstorming / ideation session. Use ideaTRIZe, to get ideas 5 time quicker and better. 

ideaTRIZe uses questions as stimuli to help you find far association ideas. 

More here


An entrepreneur can set up a company, however s/he needs intrapreneurs for it grow, innovate. Intrapreneurs lead the internal innovation teams and enabling organization's growth.

More about intrapreneurship     Measure your intrapreneur quotient

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