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Find Root cause/s

To solve a problem for a business process you need to find the root cause. There are several ways to do so.

Click on the links in the boxes, find a technique that works for you and find the root cause

Happy hunting !

5 Whys

5 Whys is one of the most common root cause finding method. When you find a problem in the process, get the folks who know about the subject and do the the work into a room with a board and question away to find the root cause.

More about 5 why, "how to", examples here 

Cause & Effect Diagram

Also known as fish bone, C&E, Ishikawa diagram

Fishbone shaped diagram with Effect (Y, output) being the head and Bones as the major causes (Xs). This is about cause and effect and not symptoms . It a great way to brainstorm on causes of a problem and finding root causes

  • It can have a fair amount of detail in a visual format, which is easy to read and relate to. 

  • Removes personal biases - a team tool

  • Keeps focus on the problem

Read on about how to use Cause and effect diagram and see an example here


Pareto helps you prioritize and visually present it. Find the factors that are affecting your problem area most, follow it up with 5 why and improve your process. 

Learn more about Pareto, download an excel template here

Poke - Yoke , Mistake Proofing

Poke Yoke is Japanese for mistake proofing

It refers to any inexpensive mechanism - that prevents the operator from doing  an error. 

So its waste elimination directed mostly at removing human error either by removing the cause or by eliminating the chance of error by stopping the process

How to do it , examples, and rules are here 

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