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Change Management

What is Change Management 

Lets first agree, every project you do, brings about change.


If the change is not accepted, sustained, your efforts won't bear the fruits you expected


So while the actual change may be a process or a system, but it's the people who need to support the change, adopt the change.


You want change to be received by the impacted parties, with minimum resistance

Change management is the methodology, process, tools, and techniques used to ensure the adoption of change by people.

Why manage change - The Success Equation :
why change management

So if,   solution is great = 1 ,  acceptability = 0 ,

leads to effectiveness of zero

Effectiveness of the solution you implement, is dependent upon quality and acceptance of the solution

Q * A = E
Quality of solution * Acceptance of solution   =  Effectiveness of implemented solution

The Steps in Managing Change 

First off it isn't exactly a linear approach. Why? ..because it involves people and should be based on continuous feedback.


There are several models like Lean change, ADKAR, McKinsey 7-S, Kotter's theory, Nudge theory and so on... 


Lets practically summarize the steps and explore more on each

1. Plan the change

2. Implement the change

3. Sustain the change

change manaement steps

Read on more by clicking each of the steps above


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