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Control - Impact Matrix

What is a Control - Impact Matrix

Have you encountered a situation where you have found a solution or a cause but realized somewhere in the process of implementation that you have no control over the cause or idea. 

OR it could be that you realize that the impact of the solution on the problem is big enough to fight for control 


Control - Impact matrix or another variant - Effort - Benefit Matrix is such a prioritization tool that helps you figure out if solution or cause is worth fighting over to get approval or implement 

When to use a Control - Impact Matrix
  • To decide between various options/ solutions/ issues

  • It follows the Cause & effect diagram exercise

  • Before you go for hypothesis testing in Analyze ( DMAIC), verified with data as well 

  • Before you plan solution implementation

  • At the distillation stage of issues/ causes

  • Helps gains consensus on which ones are priority

How to make a Control - Impact Matrix
  • Get the right team members, who know about the work

  • Take your Xs/ probable causes or solutions

  • Draw up 6 blocker matrix ( see example below) 

  • Control here means - team's /champion's / sponsor's control over the cause / solution

  • The impact here means - the impact of the cause/ solution on the problem

  • Explain the objective of exercise (to prioritize) and definitions

  • If they need a refresher for the items they will do, please arrange 

  • The team then discusses and places each post-it in the relevant box

  • Keep challenging the team, if out of control items are too many or too many "mediums" or any other box starts getting crowded. 

  • Once you get a consensus; proceed forward with data analysis or solution implementation planning for in control high and medium impact ones. Highs are the priority

  • Note: If you are doing hypothesis testing, you would be able to confirm the impact with tests.

  • Effort - Benefit matrix / Cost-Benefit Matrix: These can be used in a 4 blockers/ 9 blockers ( Low - High OR Low - Medium - High on both axis)

  • Having a rating scale - for teams that are less abstract oriented - you may come up with a rating scale. eg. The control means we or boss sign can off the expense or process change; permission can be obtained; For Impact - high impact - something without which the target won't be achieved 

Example and template for a control - impact matrix
CI matrix.png
CI Matrix 2.png
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