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What is a COPIS / SIPOC

Expanded as Customer - Output - Process - Input - Supplier

Also known as SIPOC , same expansion just the other way .around. COPIS is used here - to keep the focus on customer.

Its a high level process map, helps you quickly understand the process at a high level and also present the same to others

When to use COPIS / SIPOC
  • Get a quick understanding of the process

  • Know the players in the process ( suppliers and customers)

  • Know the what comes in and what goes out ( output & input)

  • High-level process steps

How to make COPIS / SIPOC

Like other tools do it with the doers

Use the template

Start with any one of S/I/P/O/C

Its easier to go with output/s, from their go-to who receives

then produce this output, what you get and from whom

Lastly process - this is high level

avoid decision-making boxes, if possible

stick to 5-7 activity boxes ( use verbs as starting /make/edit/review etc)

Confirm with the team that the capture is correct

you may now mark the scope of the project on the slide

Remember - this is just a simple presentation and agreement tools, don't start the analysis with this. 

For analysis create more detailed level process maps, preferably cross-functional / swim lane maps with data


Some versions add machines/systems used along with method of information transmission 

Example and Template - COPIS / SIPOC
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