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Project Management Best Practices

Dos for Project Managers

1. Always have a project plan, continuously update and follow it

2. Identify dependencies and risks early and manage them through

3. Understand the organization culture

4. Always have a communication plan

5. Continuously engage with stakeholders and sponsors

6. Use metrics to continuously monitor project status

7. Review previous projects' lessons learned

8. Actively manage triple constraints (Scope, Time, Cost)

9. Manage the project beyond the meetings too  (speak to project team offline, on chats etc)

10. Project change management is a necessity 

11. Syndication is the key to a meeting with a good outcome

12. Work with the sponsor and make him/her work too

13. Always do your own lessons learned too and share

14. Celebrate success

Don'ts for Project Managers

1. Never take anything (regarding the project) for granted

2. Do not underestimate constraints

3. Never assume a project plan is final

4. Do not play the ‘Blame Game’

5. Do not make the process overwhelming (keep room for flexibility)

6. Do not make assumptions about what the team knows (or doesn’t)

7. Do not over-rely on one resource

8. Do not conduct meetings without an agenda

9. Do not fight over templates, customize as required

10. No two projects are same, don't assume

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