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In our view, a good consulting partner should be a mix of a janitor who removes clutter and a catalyst helping accelerate. We help your organisation in both aspects, simplifying your process and help create an aligned organisation or accelerate to realise benefits faster and help scale your business.

We helped some of the big names globally get nimble (Elephants cant dance? They do :-)  ) and can assist your organisation too.

Operating Pillars

Be it Strategy, Cost, Revenue  or Digital Transformation – We break the problem into 4 key pillars and address it in a methodical fashion.






Org Design

Skilled to innovate

Transformative Practice


Scaled up KPIs

Tap Business Pulse

Actionable Metrics



Respond to change

Precise Interventions

   Accelerate thru Process​
  • Create Agile yet Standardised processes

  • Manage outcomes by controlling inputs

  • Find the bottlenecks in your value chain

  • Create processes that run with low variation

   Accelerate thru People​
  • Organisation structure which fosters empowerment

  • Deliver a superior customer experience

  • Embed innovation and agility (not chaos)

  • Deploy organisation design for the e-age and a growing organisation

  • Create bottom up innovation

   Accelerate thru Metric
  • Metrics linking Operating plan with Strategy

  • Critical to Quality & Critical for Process

  • Measure what matters, drive growth

  • Create and deploy KPIs specifically made for scaling

  • Deploy end to end metric management process to drive behaviors

   Accelerate thru Surgical Strike
  • SWAT team – One aim and singular focus

  • Minimize “stoppage”

  • Maximise running time

Deep Expertise

We facilitate improvement based on our expertise and experience and leave with sustainable gains for your organisation. We decades of expertise across domains like Design Thinking, Lean, Six Sigma, TOC, TRIZ and several more helped us evolve i3 a blended approach for todays time when innovation = survival.

  • Innovation

  • Design Thinking

  • Process Improvement Consulting

  • Continuous Improvement Culture Change

  • Project  Management Consulting

  • Change Management Consulting

i3 - inventive ideation to innovate

i3 - inventive ideation to innovate

i3 is a specially created framework - delivered as a workshop to provide teams with an innovative edge.

It's end to end - finding the right problem to scaling the solution

The primary driver for i3 - "making innovation less hard"

Design Thinking

"Design Thinking is not Design. It’s validating business ideas that are viable, feasible and desirable.

Design Thinking is not Thinking. It’s exploring, making, testing to understand what isn’t working" 

We help organizations understand Design Thinking and how it can be incorporated in their own context thru

Design Thinking

Process Improvement Consulting

We offer solutions and advice, based on an assessment of the opportunity areas.

Opportunity areas could be reducing -  defects, cycle time, costs. Improving -  customer satisfaction, revenues, specific metrics.

Solutions will be based on tools & techniques from Design Thinking,  Lean Six Sigma, other operational excellence methods, and best practices.  

Solutions deployment could involve facilitated workshops, Kaizen events, Value Stream Mapping, training on relevant topics. 

We believe that "problem-solving is easy - given the right mindset & tools" - so at the end of consulting assignment - we leave your staff set to deploy, monitor the improvements to continue gains

Process Improvement Consulting

Continuous Improvement Culture Consulting

The culture of continuous improvement in an organization has several positive impacts - on the process side, it ensures that processes continually improve, through the active intervention of employees - who challenge the status quo. It also provides gains in staff engagement by an increased sense of belonging & empowerment. 

We can help by :

  • Starting with a current state assessment 

  • Designing a plan for future state

  • Executing the plan 

Continuous Improvement Culture Consulting

Project Management Consulting

We take pride in bringing structure to projects, programs, and portfolios in a sustainable manner.

Our service can help you in :

  • Portfolio selection and management

  • Project Management Office set up 

  • Assess PMO maturity and chart the path forward

  • Program /Project Management - management of high-value programs and projects

  • Intervention in projects and program to bring them back on track

  • Project risk and issue management 

  • Providing solutions for standardized project management across the organization

Project Management Consulting

Change Management Consulting

The importance of change management is very well understood by astute business managers. A well-managed change ensures that the efforts behind the change successfully deliver the projected gains and are sustained. 

Our change management solutions :

  • Manage change for high-value projects & programs

  • Provide a structured methodology for managing change

  • Provide change management intervention for ongoing projects and program

Change Management Consulting


How it works ?

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