We facilitate improvement based on our expertise and experience and leave with sustainable gains for your organization

Our in-house training helps you get calibrated, up-skilled, empowered team to continually improve processes


Design Thinking

"Design Thinking is not Design. It’s validating business ideas that are viable, feasible and desirable.

Design Thinking is not Thinking. It’s exploring, making, testing to understand what isn’t working" 

We help organizations understand Design Thinking and how it can be incorporated in their own context thru

Process Improvement Consulting


We offer solutions and advice, based on an assessment of the opportunity areas.

Opportunity areas could be reducing -  defects, cycle time, costs. Improving -  customer satisfaction, revenues, specific metrics.

Solutions will be based on tools & techniques from Design Thinking,  Lean Six Sigma, other operational excellence methods, and best practices.  

Solutions deployment could involve facilitated workshops, Kaizen events, Value Stream Mapping, training on relevant topics. 

We believe that "problem-solving is easy - given the right mindset & tools" - so at the end of consulting assignment - we leave your staff set to deploy, monitor the improvements to continue gains


Continuous Improvement Culture Consulting


The culture of continuous improvement in an organization has several positive impacts - on the process side, it ensures that processes continually improve, through the active intervention of employees - who challenge the status quo. It also provides gains in staff engagement by an increased sense of belonging & empowerment. 

We can help by :

  • Starting with a current state assessment 

  • Designing a plan for future state

  • Executing the plan 

Project Management Consulting


We take pride in bringing structure to projects, programs, and portfolios in a sustainable manner.

Our service can help you in :

  • Portfolio selection and management

  • Project Management Office set up 

  • Assess PMO maturity and chart the path forward

  • Program /Project Management - management of high-value programs and projects

  • Intervention in projects and program to bring them back on track

  • Project risk and issue management 

  • Providing solutions for standardized project management across the organization


Change Management Consulting


The importance of change management is very well understood by astute business managers. A well-managed change ensures that the efforts behind the change successfully deliver the projected gains and are sustained. 

Our change management solutions :

  • Manage change for high-value projects & programs

  • Provide a structured methodology for managing change

  • Provide change management intervention for ongoing projects and programs


Lean Trainings


We provide in-house Lean basics and advanced training. 

Lean Basics training covers, introduction to lean, identification of wastes and some waste elimination techniques. Lean basics training empowers employees to identify wastes and eliminate/ reduce them. 

Lean Advanced 2 day training covers, lean principles, VSM, lean house of quality and tools, Lean commandments. This training provides the capability to chosen employees to lead lean improvements in their work places

All our training engagement are preceded by the trainer gaining a high-level understanding of current processes and its pains - to be able to provide relevant examples to the trainees

Six Sigma Trainings


Our day long in-house six sigma training provides capability to the trainees to define the problem and use basics DMAIC  tools to improve the process.

The training covers DMAIC - primary tools with hands on practice. All tools can be used without any statistical software. 

We also provide in-house Green Belt & Black Belt Six Sigma/ Lean Six Sigma Trainings 

Project Management Training


A team trained on a standardized PM methodology, provides benefits of standardization and calibrated communication, making it easy for senior stakeholders as well as project managers to discuss and manage projects. 

This day long training, familiarizes participants with basics of project management in order to improve project management ability and to instill standardized language and format usage across participants.

Participants will learn project management basics, using a standardized tool kit in the training. Post the training, with diligent practice, participants would be able to manage the project constraints (scope, cost, and time) better.

Customized Opportunity Specific Training


All our training offerings are customized with specific examples as they are done in-house.

We believe in genuinely making change for better and if you need a specific training customized for your team, please reach out, we would be happy to help. 

Relevant to the problem the team or organization wants to solve, we can customize to meet objectives.

Training can also be customized to be problem-solving sprints