We exist to thrive innovation

Innovation in Processes, People & their Management

What we do

We help our clients solve business problems in Strategy Alignment, Cost Optimisation, Revenue Enhancement, and Digital Transformation using our unique approach


Our values are at the core of our daily business, defining the way  we work with our clients and partners.

We define ourselves as Problem Solvers, acting as Catalyst to your ideas and projects and as strong believers in innovation, seeking new solutions to your challenges.

We are Customer-centric team players who believe in True & Straight work ethics and support you in every way to make your organisation succeed


In a world where change is the only certainty, a company is only as good as its human resources. We help empowering and equipping employees with the tools and knowledge they need to innovate, excel and imbibe a culture of Continuous Improvement. 

Our trainings are customised after an expectation session with stakeholders and participants to create a program which delivers the goods

Our Expertise Areas


i3 is our unique blended approach to problem solving - ensuring innovative solutions using Design Thinking ,Lean Six Sigma, TRIZ, TOC etal

Process Improvement
Process Improvement

Partner in quality & service enhancements, cost reductions, and productivity increases of a business activity or business process

change management
Change Management

Get structured change management support & align your people to change

Design Thinking
Design Thinking

Find the "right" problems, disruptive - desirable, viable & feasible solutions. Create collaborative teams that empathize, innovate for happy users

Project Management
Project Mgmt

Ensure success of large programs. Assess and implement better practices in PMO mgmt. thru our smartPMO offering

Train - Empower people

Build your team's capacity & DNA. Get them trained on Design Thinking, Lean, Six Sigma, Project & Change Management


Organisation innovation iNDEX Survey

Each organisation needs to innovate to survive & thrive. An organisation cannot expect to maintain a competitive edge if innovation is not part of the overall business strategy.


Innovation, as a concept, refers to the process that an organisation undertakes to conceptualise brand new products, processes, and ideas, or to approach existing products, processes, and ideas in new ways.


What gets measured, gets done - using this premise, EPS has come up with Organisation Innovation Index. The purpose of this survey is to understand innovation in Strategy, Leadership & Culture, People and Product/Services and how it helps your organisation achieve its purpose and financial results. 


This study will also help in identifying focus areas for innovation and create a future ready enterprise which fosters innovation across, thus enhancing value for our customer and employees.

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