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The 3 senses, that set you for success

There are enough and more articles, books on success. There are great thinkers, philosophers and Gurus. Each one professes a way to be successful (with many overlaps), in personal and professional life. Like you, I have also read some of them and tried follow and improve self.

With all my humility, I present my synthesis, — the enablers to success: 3 “senses” (and yes these too overlap)

Human sense— to explain this — here are some questions : Are you human-centric ( not self) , do you respect the individual, do you genuinely care, do you listen , do you have great interactions, do you know self, as we become more global — can you work with folks across the globe

Be self-aware and respect the individual

Common sense— how much practically can you think, can you explain what you think quickly and clearly, can you produce options and do you choose the right one and here’s an interesting one — can you defend the judgement in hindsight ; do you know when you have reached your limit of expertise

Be practical and communicate clearly

Business sense  some may say — this is no different than common sense — I call it out separately. This is the need to align to the “business” you work for — family values or business values; do you treat the money like your own; do you have a sense of belonging

Be aligned and bring value

All the best !

Originally published on Medium & Linkedin. Oct 2018

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