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The 5 Cs of insights

Do you know the story of Aron Ralston, which was pictured on James Franco in the 2010 film – 127 hours. Aron Ralston, a mountain climber, is on a hiking adventure in Utah when he gets trapped in a canyon. Soon, he takes desperate measures to survive and struggles for 127 hours before he is rescued. His arm was trapped below a big boulder and his creative desperation insight was to cut the arm, to be able to free himself.

That was his creative desperation moment – to escape an impasse

Gary Klein writes in his book – “Seeing what others don’t” that Contradictions, Connections, Coincidences, Curiosity & Creative desperation are the triggers for insights.  

Today let’s just talk about – Creative desperation – where you are trying to escape an impasse – the current pandemic has a lot of us and our organisations - in this situation of an impasse – we either be stuck with old ways to doing things and move on find new ways to do things – get insights and innovate.

Before I go any further – let me state – in our belief – innovation flows from invention, and that’s what differentiates that. Simply put – don’t invent – take an existing invention and adapt it your environment.

For our insights we looked to understand - why some organisations leapfrog while other tend to stutter and maybe take a hard call. Our findings, helped us narrow it down to 3 key parameters.

1. Culture - Organisation culture can act both as a catalyst & an impediment to innovation. Delegation, Acceptability of failure, decentralisation among others are the key facets at play here

2. Tools & Methodology - Successful organisations adapt the best methodologies and evolve a methodology unique to their culture which aids innovation

3. Technology - Big Data, IOT, AI can help scale up innovation at an exponential pace , the catch being the right tech for the problem at hand. Fads are not long lasting, most leaders we spoke with felt lost with the plethora of choices (reminds you of choosing the best show form OTT platforms 😊)

We struggled with below questions:

  1. Can innovation be structured

  2. Can we actually wait for the insights to arrive

  3. Can we make insights quicker

  4. Can we help make that a good insight is not wasted, neither is money on a “democratically chosen idea

  5. Can we help leaders harness innovation

  6. Can we do this online

  7. Can we help leaders with challenges they face while trying to implement innovative ideas

 We decided to eat our own cake and came up with prototype and tested it – to great results. One of them being that the method gives insights 5 times faster.

Brought in experts in mindset and culture change – Nicky Davies, Digital transformation – Manish Pharasi

Together we came up with LEADin (Lead for Excellence with Awareness & Discipline to Innovate), LEADin addresses all 3 aspects of Culture, Tools and Tech to equip your teams and help them win in an environment which is constantly changing

Our prototyping feedback, tells us that we managed to get answers to our 7 questions, now releasing this to organisations that want to accelerate innovation.

Best part, this offering is customised after a careful study of the problem that’s on your priority and the organisation culture. This helps us in creating a solution which delivers the goods  

PS: This has been curated after beta testing and inputs from leaders across industries (from E-comm to BFSI to Healthcare to Retail). Happy to report the “human trials” were successful and no side-effects observed 😄

Please comment, reach out to know more about how this can help you and your team.

Know more about the program, here

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